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Olympia: Jay Trash-Talking Dexter: Oh, Snap!

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Ex Coelis:
From this month's issue . . .

FLEX: In your opinion, has Dexter been a good Mr. Olympia?

Jay: [Sighs] It's hard to determine a good Mr. Olympia. Has he been an exposed Mr. Olympia? No. Has he worked to get himself out there? No. Mr. Olympia is expected to be the best bodybuilder on the planet one day a year, but as far as I'm concerned there's a lot more that goes with the title.

FLEX: You've insinuated that you think Kai Greene is your main competition at this year's show. Do you really believe that, or is he just one of many?

Jay: He's one of many . . . From what [Dexter] is saying, Dexter Jackson doesn't really think I'm much competition, but I don't think he's much competition either. I really hate to throw Dexter Jackson under the bus and say he doesn't give me respect, but I'm not giving him any respect either. Because I really don't think he can beat the two guys I just mentioned [Kai Greene and Phil Heath].

FLEX: Dexter can't beat Phil or Kai? Why?

Jay: It's a size thing again. I know Phil's in a good place right now. I know Kai Greene is hungry to win this thing. I'm not sure if he thinks he can, but he's got a lot of detail. I think both these guys are more detailed than Dexter. But then people say, "Where does that put you? Dexter has a lot of detail." But Dexter doesn't have the deep thigh cuts that I have. Just standing there, with the dominance factor, I don't think Dexter has it.

FLEX: This year, Dexter is entering the Olympia with a taget on his back. How much more pressure is he under coming into this show as the defending champ?

Jay: The thing that affects Dexter is he's thinking. "I have to be big enough." Dexter's game is being shredded and winning shows like that. Last year, he said he didn't come in as ripped on purpose, but honestly I think he's full of shit. He's gonne say things after the show. He says he knew I was gonna be off, but I know in his head he's just talking out of his ass. He was hoping. I think Dexter is not as secure and not as confident with himself as he appears in public.

He really needs to win this Olympia to gain any respect and if he doesn't win, he's just gonna be looked on as the guy that won on a fluke, which I've been kind of saying all year.

haha strong words

#1 Klaus fan:
Haha, he said like it is...

Matt C:
Wow, great comments.

very true.

dex is a one time Mr. O.

appears to be an arogant asshole.

I really wish the fridge would just shut up and go away.  No one has been given more gifts than him.


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