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What's Good Family!!!

For better or worse...I'm the biggest bodybuilding fan I know, henceforth this is the ONLY place I know where people like to get it like I get it!!! Yes...I'm a grown ass man that's going to be sitting in front of my laptop on a Friday and Saturday evening watching the O!!!  So I'm extending an invitation to all my bodybuilding family to hang out in this chatroom while watching the Olympia live!!!  Who came in at 100%, who didn't, who's carrying too much water, who's getting special treatment from the judges, who made the first call out (who didn't and should have)?  I'll be here Friday and Saturday evening discussing the event live as I watch the webcast, so come on out, and chill with your boy!!! 

Be blessed, see you Friday nite!!!  (Go Phil!!!)

i will be here  ;D. on what time mr olympia prejudging will be webcasted?

Oh I'll be here baby!!  I'm already obsessed with looking at the pics and watching all the videos.  They should have made this a PPV, I really think this year with the right marketing (I'll even volunteer to head up the marketing =) they could have brought in a substantial viewership.  Perhaps next year. =)

I can't wait to see what they all look like.  I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW!!!!

Live coverage starts tonite and Saturday @ 8:30pm cst via  See ya tonite!!!

You guys watching?  Nothing more exciting than women's bodybuiding.  :-X

I think its funny that Bob mc's it given his comments on it in the which I don't disagree.

They need to tone it down.  I saw a couple of shafts growing in on dem bitches!  AHHHHH, I just puked up my postworkout meal.


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