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Death for Craig and life for Kelly?

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Where was O J when all this was going on?


--- Quote from: 240 is Back on December 29, 2005, 09:19:10 PM --- He broke up a few vials of Nubain, poured it in her mouth,

--- End quote ---

What is Nubain?  What does it do?  Why do you think he did this?

They found her asphixiated in the trunk of a car right? Am I missing something because it seems pretty clear how she died from where I'm sitting.

she was strangled to the point of death (unless they find carbon monoixide in her lungs)...

the hemorraging around her neck was caused by the ligature... news reports kept making it sound like she had a scarf wrapped around her neck..."fabric"..I mean it was a ligature...with hemorraging....= strangulation...they can also check her eyes since they were protected from the fire by the duck tape to see if there was further petechial hemorraging in the eyes and in the eyelids and under the eyes as well

Would love to see the actual coroner report


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