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40 Year old Jerry Seinfeld and 17 year old girlfriend

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I respect him even more today, than I did then. He's one ugly horse face mother fucker. Look at those titties:

240 is Back:
would love to smash them together with some mocha whey

Seinfeld has a networth of 800 million dollars.

Jerry Seinfeld never has to perform another stand-up set, develop another sitcom or ride around with other comics getting coffee for the rest of his life and still make millions of dollars each year.

Seinfeld reruns alone generate so much money in syndication, licensing deals and DVD sales, the 60-year-old Seinfeld could live off the never-ending paychecks.

This makes Jerry Seinfeld Hollywoodís wealthiest actor, according to a Singapore based company in the business of tracking the escalating net worth of the disgustingly rich. Jerry Seinfeldís net worth is an estimated $820 million dollars.


breasts galore, yum yum


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