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Do You Believe The Illuminati Can Know You Better Than You Know Yourself?

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Take This Quiz...You Will Be Shocked.

Hugo Chavez:
these questions are hard.

Like this:
Pick a statement you believe in the most:

I hate waiting in line and will jump ahead if I can.
If you are patient then everyone will get their turn.

I hate people that cut in line and I wouldn't do it but the second option isn't true either, waiting in line for the first showing of a star wars movie is the perfect example of why neither option works.  So since I hate option one, I have to pick an option I don't believe is true.  I've taken tests like this twice before and the results were always that I was dishonest in answering and I wasn't.

Hugo Chavez:

Your Aquiziam Personality Type is:  The Theorist 

You are generally analytical, quiet, thoughtful, self-contained, well spoken and quick-witted. Above all else you value knowledge, competency and logic. Neither a follower not a Leader, you desire only to be allowed sufficient personal space to investigate and focus on that which interests you.  In particular, you can become deeply stimulated by theories and abstract ideas which you may actively try to prove or disprove in order that you can truly understand them. Once this has been achieved you first describe your solutions to yourself and are then compelled to explain them to others. This is not actually driven by a need for recognition but by a need to share.  You feel as if everyone deserves to benefit from what you have clarified.  Although you can be quite brilliant at describing a complex concept or a difficult idea you can also be reserved and intimidated by social situations where the rules of logic are often ignored.  As such, you can be quite difficult to get to know.  On the whole you are not too worried about this as you enjoy your own company and can spend long periods of time on your own working on your projects.  In is not uncommon for you to finish what you are doing only to find it is 3.00am and everyone else has gone home long ago. With regard to day-to-day life you dislike corporate politics, the overly emotional, strict hierarchy and any bureaucracy that prevents you from fulfilling you objective.  You believe in rules and stability as long as they don’t hinder you.  In the right circumstances you can be outspoken, witty and use language with skill and charm. Under pressure you can use the same gift to be caustic, sarcastic, derisive and damaging.  As you have little need to impress or to dominate you can be stimulating and pleasant company when you feel relaxed enough.  As a result you are surprised to find that other people often both admire and like you. Nevertheless, you remain at risk of suppressing your own emotions and failing to empathise with other people.

Soul Crusher:

________________________ ________________________ ________

Your Aquiziam Personality Type is: The Good Soldier 

You are probably closest to …

Keirsey Temperament:  The Guardians
Keirsey Personality Type:   The Inspector
Myers-Briggs Classification:   ISTJ
Myers-Briggs Group:  The Protectors
Myers-Briggs Type:  The Examiner

You are generally serious, thoughtful, honest and quiet. Above all else you are realistic and dependable and have a tremendous respect for facts and proof and it is these things that will change your mind rather than appeals to your emotions. You prefer a world where everything is balanced and constant so that you can pursue your life in a punctual, orderly and logical way without unnecessary distractions that upset your focus and concentration because for you it is very important to finish what you’ve started and you like to make sure that others follow this rule as well.This means that you can almost always accomplish any assignment once you have focused your mind and efforts on it. Being well organised, hard working, practical and down-to-earth are qualities you value highly.  From time-to-time you may have difficulty comprehending a theory or idea which conflicts with your own views on a subject. However, once you see the truth or importance of something you will support it with all your energy and commitment as you see this as no less than your duty. You find joy in order and systems that are naturally suited to classification.  In your world, traditions, heritage, chivalry and loyalty are all respected as qualities in yourself and in others.  You dislike change, stress and unpredictability. You need to be aware that your personality type is not often in tune with feelings and emotions be they your own or those of other people. Knowing that you care or love a person is not enough and you will often need to make an effort to show how you feel.  People are not mind-readers. Still, you normally make a good parent and a loyal friend so long as you remember not to become obsessive about your own goals.  You have a great if sometimes unusual sense of humour when you let it be seen.

You’re Classical Element is: Earth

One of the four classical elements in ancient Greek philosophy and science, the “Earth” personality is usually associated with solidity, practicality, security restraint, reliability, responsibility and truth. Earth types are the firm foundations of society. They are said to be attracted to Earth types because the two share qualities of acquisitiveness, retentiveness, and self-protectiveness.

Absolutely they do!

Through the mis-education of man, you need not tell him what to think.
He will both think & do exactly what you want him to, ...his mis-education makes it so.


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