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The Get Big Conspiracy Theory Board is really just an elaborate fishing expedition to find out what we know about their lies.  :o

It's a way for 'them' to discover & keep track of which cover-ups they were sloppy about.

If you know too much... ARGHHHH... I don't want to even imagine the fate you will meet.

You've been warrrrrrrrrned.  ;)    :P  Gotta go.... there's a black helicopter hovering up above.  :-X

ps: That's really a black helicopter. They just painted it pink to try to throw you off the trail.  :o


They painted it pink to throw you on the trail.  ;)

its all a bloody distraction

That's odd... it disappeared.  :o When I click on modify post, the code is still in there,
... but the helicopter has disappeared. ARGHHH! It's a stealth chopper! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!  :o

Hmmm... it appears in Internet Explorer, but disappears when using Firefox. very spooky.  :-X


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