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WOW! CIA video showing crucifixion of Christ recorded by aliens 2.000 years ago!

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Just incredible! I didn't know this!

"The aliens showed a hologram, which they claim was the actual crucifixion of Christ. The Government filmed the hologram."

this also makes alot of sense"

""they" can "retrieve" holographic memories from the human subconscious and monitor them; create "halo effects" or post-hypnotic dream-like sequence that seem real but are not; or potentially create their own "holographic" virtual reality sequences via combined technology and collective consciousness, and show the "recording" of this to U.S. government officials."

What other WikiLeaks revelations can we expect soon?

no shit

this went down too

Extra Terrestrials sunk Atlantis 10.000s years ago where they had engineered mankind and left.

"The coming of the original “Serpent Race” was probably around 50,000 years ago (but could have been as recently as 30,000 years ago). Genetic experiments and hybridization took place some time after the building of Atlantis, for which the services of Neanderthal Man seems to have been required.

The wars of the “gods” probably began around 13,000 years ago, with the Pole Shift following soon after. The Earth attains a semblance of normalcy as the centuries pass."


Found an older thread discussing this Jesus crucifixion video tape apparently in possession by the Majestic 12 group within the US. Government.

So this has been known for some time then!?


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