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WOW! CIA video showing crucifixion of Christ recorded by aliens 2.000 years ago!

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Aggregating additional information to original thread for reference.

--- Quote from: Rami on April 19, 2014, 02:17:53 PM ---Allegedly there is a CIA video showing the crucifixion of Christ recorded by aliens 2.000 years ago. As of today the video has not been publicly disclosed by the government.

They also placed soul traps around earth, constantly playing beautiful music and beaming with magnificent lights, like lodestars. The advice is to absolutely not seek these sources, and to not go there under and circumstances (the light at the end of the tunnel). You want to seek the absolute blackest space and ye shall enter the heavens, or so say the experts.

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The fact that the video is nowhere to be found suggests to me that it may be authentic.

If this video exists it would be interesting to watch...but 100% impossible to prove.

My question is: Why didn't those Little Green men video tape the resurrection 3 days later?
That would be; by far much more significant to record...
Something to think about.


--- Quote from: The Abdominal Snoman on December 10, 2010, 10:55:22 AM ---Some people don't even believe that there is a "secret internet" A lot of really fucked up shit going on right under all our noses.

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Yes I’ve heard about this underground “secret internet”
Where is it / what’s different about it / and why is it secret ?


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