Author Topic: NPC Competitor Terry Placker - retires from competition to coach full time  (Read 9101 times)


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From NPC Men's Physique competitor Terry Placker... from Facebook on Monday, January 12th

"It's something that has been on my mind and I have been struggling with and praying about the last 6 months. I have been competing since 2012 and I had so much fun doing it. I'll never forget that nervous and exciting feeling of hitting the stage. I have been blessed to work with people like Louis Uridel, Omar Ventura and Jennifer Worth and I always appreciate the love and support.

I was planning on doing a show April 11th .... but today I realized I have 5 IFBB pros competing in that same show.... Then I looked at my schedule and I have at least 3 athletes in every national show this year. It's impossible and has been for me to focus on my own prep when I have so many amazing athletes to focus on. For me to be worried about myself on my show day instead of focusing on my athletes. Is not fair to them. And it's selfish of me.

I believe it's my job to give my athletes 100% my attention and time and that's why they stick with me. ‪‎Team Fidelis‬ is a team with over 200 clients. And it has become a full time job for me.

I want to thank Mr. Jon Lindsay Tamer El-Guindy and all the Musclecontest family for always putting on great shows that I was always proud to be a part of. I still will be a huge part of the family but now I'll be on the side lines cheering my athletes on. For me earning a pro card would be Amazing.... But I would have to stop coaching in order to focus on myself and that is not something I can do.

I have a hunger to help people and watch them succeed.... I will never be a pro but I have had the feeling of sharing 11 IFBB pro cards and over 100 victories with my athletes and I know there will be more to come. My dream is to be at the OLYMPIA watching my athletes on stage. And to be known as a great coach.

I have been competing since 2012 and I had so much fun doing it.... I truly am so thankful to all those who support me and my dreams. Now it's time to just stay in shape and try and be one of the most handsome coaches out there lol. J/k

But seriously I look forward to this new chapter and to growing my team more and more. I love what I do and I love helping others. Thank you all for the support and God bless."


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