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Joe, Vince and Larry


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R.I.P., all three.

The Iron Guru, Vince Gironda, has incorporated different styles of training throughout his career. Lights weights with high reps, Heavy weights with Low reps, Heavy weights with high reps and so on. He came to the conclusion that ultimately using Heavy weights with High reps was the most beneficial for making progress in the Gym.
This conclusion, in my estimation, has two benefits:
1) The feel of heavy weights, besides encouraging muscle growth, makes the bodybuilder feel like he is accomplishing something in his training. The heavy poundages makes the muscle become stronger and stronger as the poundage is increased over time.
The increases in poundage also causes what Vince called Hyper-trophy to the muscles which is something we all strive for in every training session we go through..
2) The Heavy weights with High reps tear down tissues at a faster rate which is needed for muscular size.
With all the different styles of training, the bodybuilder needed to use heavier and heavier weights in order to use progressive resistance training in his workouts, this according to Vince.
I believe Vince was the originator of the phase, Progressive Resistance training.
The other part of the equation is the repetition phase. Higher reps in your training are essential to cause the muscles to pump in order to increase its blood supply to the tissues. The higher the reps the more capillaries are build which in turn feeds the muscle and increases its size. According to Gironda, the added capillaries can increase the muscle beyond its genetic potential.
Another of Vince's particular style of training in his Gym dealt with the Intensity Factor. Less rest between sets, increase in Tempo when working out, pushing yourself to do your workouts faster and faster, and progressive increases in weights was very important to the Iron Guru too.
All of these styles of training had one trait in common: To increase one's Pump, build capillaries to feed the muscles and increase its size.
There were other variables in training that Vince also considered, such as the idea that certain exercises required Maximum Intensity like the Hack squat, Neck Presses, body drag curls etc. While other movements required less intensity like chinning, dipping, Flys etc.
In conclusion, there are many styles of training that Vince Gironda advocated in his Gym. Heavy with low reps, Light with High reps and finally Heavy weights with Heavy reps. Try any one of these to find what works best for you and give Gironda's different training methods a try.
Vince Gironda.

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