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vince anello:
A Power rack Good Suggestion!!! I tried a year ago to purchase one from an. equippment chain out here owned by a Former Powerlifter.He said they were hard to get.I am going to make one for my gym . I wanted to make a Deadlift Video and Demo my Power rack training with Negative Accentuated reps I ,however,do not train too many lifters now.The majority are female with fitness goals ,including one Ballet teacher from the area.
A word of caution ,However,even with Power rack.I know one lifter who was squatting on a rack without spotters .He missed the weight and dropped to the pins.He still injured his knee and back.It is an Aid in Solo training but does not take the place of spotters.A lot of things can happen when lifting heavy.I believe it is best to have someone near in case of emergency.I quess I am getting more Cautious in My Old Age!!! LOL :-\



--- Quote from: QuakerOats on February 13, 2009, 07:53:33 AM ---in addition to Vince's advice i would consider investing in a good power rack so you can do heavy partial movements and even full range movements to failure with safety, just drop the bar on the pins when you hit failure and crawl out from under it.

--- End quote ---

if i had a house i would. it would be easier to have my friend spot me then. i could keep beer and a tv in the basement with my power rack and have them spot me during commercial breaks!
i am looking into a gym in the area i am moving into, called colossal or colosseum gym (i think) the owner seemed really cool and told me they offer a couple weeks for free just to try the place out so i am may do that.

Vince, what did you do in terms of grip training for your deadlifts? 

vince anello:
We had a bar twice as thick as an olympic bar that we used to deadlift on.Also what is Great know is those Iron GrippersInstead of Reps Squeeze then and Hold(Static Contraction)WE had something of that sort back in the Day but ones I have seen today are much better.(I saw them in York)


Vince, do you believe that in the deadlift the upper back must be as powerful as the lower back? I have heard some arguments for heavy rows to bring up your DL numbers lately. I believe Matt Kroczaleski wrote of it in a recent article too.


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