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--- Quote from: vince anello on March 21, 2009, 11:55:49 AM ---Just Staying in shape.My competitive Days are over.

--- End quote ---

if ya don't mind me asking,what kind of numbers are you working with these days ?

vince anello:
Nothin Big Just Bodybuilding. :)

big L dawg:
haha...  got the exact set of weights.they were my first one's had um since I was fifteen.some were filled with concrete some with that takes me back.I gained 50lbs with that first set of weights...ah the good times :)..hey Vince were you lay your head at these days?you still in Cleveland?

vince anello:
Strongsville. :)

Man, I just noticed that Vince Anello joined GetBig ! Man, am I dense ! I only got one thing to say to you, Mr. Anello ... I'M NOT WORTHY ! I'M NOT WORTHY ! It is an absolute honor to have a Powerlifting legend like yourself on this forum ! It's funny because I actually have the book, " Inside Powerlifting " sitting right next to me ! LOL ! I do have some questions pertaining to Diet, Training, etc. ... however, Mr. Anello ... I sure would LOVE to hear some stories if you have them ! Welcome to GetBig, sir ... I hope your stay here is wonderful !

P.S - Man, you really made those Deadlift attempts looks so easy !


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