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(Ron) Currently updating the boards, theme will be back, and other items

Been getting this error every time that I post:


Database Error
Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator.


The post does go through despite the error page coming up.

I figured you'd want to know. 

It's been happening to me every time, but like you said, the post still goes through.

6 Reps:

I get the same error

We will be upgrading over the upcoming weekend, due to various security, attacks and conspiracy theories.   The Boards will be down since it needs to be moved to a new version which requires a day or so (millions of posts and pics, etc).    I think Friday late night or Saturday morning until it finishes updating.

Just so you know...

Yes, there are certain messages right now as the upgrades have already begun... just warnings

Since one part was upgraded but another part was not, it gives warning messages, but still puts the post through - this should go away with the other upgrades.


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