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--- Quote from: Geo on April 24, 2006, 01:41:58 PM ---I'm not a gym owner but if anyone would like to send me a PM with questions about owning a gym I'd be more than happy to try and guess what the right answer would be


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thanks for your support

Best bet is to lease the equipment where you are always getting new stuff evry 2-3 yrs then you can tell the members you just invested millions of dollars in all new equipment!

Right at this moment I am putting two gyms together here.  I am either doing a Gold's Gym or Dorian Yates Temple Gym.  Allot to think about.  Gold's has the name but the reputation is down and especially here.  Very expensive and it doesn't seem they do any dealing.  Temple on the other hand seems very eager and wants to do what it takes to get on the map.  Easy to talk to and get ahold of.  Many of the executives of Gold's do not even work out of the office.  But I have been with Gold's for along time.  I make decision next week.  We'll see

Bigger Business:
I bought a run down gym in 2002 for a 'modest' price....was a difficult and risky decision. I carefully planned every movement to compliment my 2 year plan where i would sell it.

I updated and bought new equipment as i required and as my membership increased. I ran the personal training business I was the cleaner, you name it!

It is a business, nothing else. It helps to have interest in what you do but dont get caught up. Gym members want to be your 'friend' thats the environment theyre accustom to and friends want to train free, but thats not smart business.

Follow a plan and you can be quite successful.

Bigger Business:

--- Quote from: body88 on April 22, 2006, 12:41:51 PM ---What is the success rate of none chain owned gyms????

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like knny said...find a niche...provide better customer service.

People are wary of chain gyms, they join out of convenience and shrewd membership consultants, you just have to remind them that chain gyms go under and that their 'agreements' are concrete.

uninspired, lazy people will get buried by chain gyms if theyre not pro active 24/7


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