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Having Trouble Going Vegan

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Few months back I turned into vegan. I was a lifelong meat-eater and it was very difficult for me to become a vegan and it was very hard for me to know where to start from. One of my friends that had transitioned into a plant eater a few years back kept insisting to give it a try, but i failed every time I used to go out with my friends :'(.

The most difficult part according to me is finding vegan menus or outlets when you are eating out. After failing multiple times I decided to give a serious attempt. While my vegans friends helped me with finding vegan restaurants and meal prep companies, I started to explore vegan recipes myself. In my research I found these "Going Vegan" guides (listed below) extremely helpful. However, I would like to know few other tips that have not been mentioned in these article.


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Vegan? Is that new? Never heard of her.

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Veganism is unhealthy.  Too many carbs, lack of nutrients.

You have to take nutritional supplements to make up for it.

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Pure protein.

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