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RIP Pellius..... Board Legend Passes Away.....Official Tribute Thread

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RIP my brother,you will live on on the memories and hearts of the people here who knew you and called you a friend.

It`s a sad day for getbig.....please keep this thread respectful and share any good Pellius stories/memories you have about a guy I considered a buddy who took the road less travelled and was a man of principle who did things his own way.

Respect and condolences to his family and friends.....61 is way too young to pass on.  :'(

Is it confirmed?  :'(

edit: seems so, Avesher and Prime Muscle seemingly both called the medical examiner in the other thread.

A sad day for sure, pellius was one of the most interesting poster in the long history of this forum and that's saying something with the wide array of characters that have frequented  RIP.

I think the general sadness we are all feeling with his passing shows just what a special/unique place this board is.

I second all of the above

PIP Pellius  :'(

Marty Champions:
Time wasonlycox pellius made some great verbal assaults to me here along with ur ass



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