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RIP Pellius..... Board Legend Passes Away.....Official Tribute Thread

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Damn, just fuckin damn :'(
I may never make a list but he always made mine for favorite posters {besides that elf shit}
When he first started posting he would get his back up because he didn't understand this place. He would get pissed at chaos,PANDEMONIUM, and myself.
I got a few PM's telling me ''I'm not going to be disrespected like this''  ;D I would tell him to just calm down and not take it so serious.
Eventually he figured it out and became one the better posters.

....I'm going to miss making fun of him when he would go into one of his long winded, War and Peace length posts.

Army of One:
Definitely the most thoughtful and insightful poster we ever had here, his thoughts had alot of depth to them that you rarely saw here.Maybe the only poster that made me stop and think, I said this to him a few weeks ago on here.

RIP Pellius
loved his youtube vids, he had a asmr type relaxing voice
we had big arguments and hilarious times

Grape Ape:
He was awesome.

Will miss his perspective.

It's only a message board but this news really bummed me out. He was always so nice and complimentary to me.
Now I wish I'd asked how he was doing recently. I thought about sending a PM but didn't  :'(

He was a top guy.


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