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--- Quote from: Beener on November 22, 2007, 08:58:38 AM ---Congradulations Blinky on becoming a new mod!!! More power to you.

Out of curiosity, do you ever post on other parts of getbig?

--- End quote ---

lol, ya i do. obviously higher post count here due to the volume of pics i post...but i post allover.... general board, womens area, MMA and the main board

i found the poll feature and added one....check out the very top of this page


I am a newbie here and I have checked out a couple of your posts and and all I have to say is "YOU DA MAN!"

Keep up the great work and wish you a great 2008!


Blinky,maybe its time for the ask Dina and ask Grant stickies to go.nothing against those two but both those threads are dead.

I just looked at dina's info.she hasn't posted in a year.

Karl Kox:
My man Blinky is KING !


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