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i honestly think ronnie coleman would beat the shit out of royce gracie

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--- Quote from: bhank on February 08, 2022, 06:29:24 AM ---10 out of his first 14 in kickboxing. He beat Ernesto Hooch the GOAT in his 3rd and again in his 4th fight

10 out of his first 14 in MMA as well.

He wasn't getting paid and stopped training and trying the man would literally just fall down and tap out. He didn't care. He has stated this many times they were not paying him enough to actually try and fight. If he was paid enough to train and care he would have been one of the greats.

--- End quote ---

listen baldy, the only fight skills you have is beating the piss out of 105 pound women then claiming they drank too much and walked into a wall. Only a matter of time til you stick Emilys head through the wall

You can't actually believe this. Fence Installation St Cloud

The guy is massive and he can take down anyone in front of him.


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