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Maurice Clarett held on $5 Million Bond. What a fool.

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Can you believe this douchebag? Three years ago he had the world by the balls and now he's being held on a $5 Million bond.

I'm trying to think of a bigger waste of talent and valuable oxygen than this fool but I'm having a hard time. The police actually had to use spikes to stop his SUV and he was wearing a 240esque bullet proof vest so the stun guns the officers shot at him didn't work, oh and they also had to use pepper spray on him.

It's rather amusing that certain people born with amazing athletic ability would rather turn to crime than work to make the right way.

Jose Canseco looks like Mother Theresa compared to this moron.

Camel Jockey:
This doesn't surprise me as I am cute!

Three years ago he scored that winning TD against Miami and he was on top of the world, all he had to do was play like 2 more years and put up with a FREE EDUCATION from a nice private University and he couldn't even do that!

I don't feel sorry for this guy at all, there are so many other young men out there that would kill for the oppurtunities that Clarett has had.

240 is Back:
I keep the vest to improve the odds should I ever have to defend my home.  Anything to increase the odds.  I pray I'll never need it. 

Clarett sounds like he was high on soemthing.   


--- Quote from: 240 is Back on August 10, 2006, 11:43:23 AM ---I keep the vest to improve the odds should I ever have to defend my home. 

--- End quote ---

Not to get too far off topic but do you really think if you wake up to find someone inside your house that wants to kill you that you'll have time to put on the bullet proof jacket? Do you keep it under your pillow?

Camel Jockey:
There's actually a Colombian company that makes bullet proof clothing, maybe 240 should look them up.


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