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You need to register if you want to post on getbig.  I could be mistaken but here is what I think is happening with you:

You are reading the boards (especially General Topics [this one]) and you would like to reply to certain posts and intend to "quote" the post to which you wish to reply.

You are actually hitting "report to moderator" instead.  When you do this, only the moderators of this board can see your comments.  The person to which you think you are responding never sees your comment and your comments do not show up on the board.

If you wish to have your comments posted on the board for all to see, you must register.

After you register, when you wish to quote someone, click on "quote" which is above their post.

If you can't figure out how to register, please hit "report to moderator" on this post and tell me what you are having difficulty with, and I will post on this thread answers to assist you.

Take care!

It's probably sgt. d logging out and hitting the report button.

Why don't you bitch slap the Chickophantic rat bastard?

OK Linda I got the last message you sent.

Have you already registered (you chose a name and a password)?  Are you just waiting to be activated?

can you cut and paste some of what you're receiving? for our general edification . . .


--- Quote from: Al-Gebra on August 10, 2006, 12:19:34 PM ---can you cut and paste some of what you're receiving? for our general edification . . .

--- End quote ---

Sure...some of it I don't think it would be unfair....

"it's Linda in London and I've tried to click all the boxes but it's not happening.  I wrote to Ron at the weekend but I've had no reply.  Maybe (that was what I thought), I am not allowed to sign in.  I was waiting for some kind of approval.  >>   <<<  xLinda"

"I have tried to register more than 10 times.  Perhaps it's not a good idea that I do anyways, but I cannot talk to my friends or neighbours about any of this xL"

Linda has made replies to some threads and I think she intended for them to be posted but I won't post them'd be too confusing


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