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Jack T. Cross:

--- Quote from: FitnessFrenzy on October 10, 2014, 12:48:17 PM ---

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Not sure how real some of this is, but there's a great message in there. Always meant to watch it, but might not have if it hadn't been posted here. I enjoyed it.

I don't quite understand what web addresses they used for their bait sites, though, and it seems very hard to believe they left it up to fate as to whether they'd be pursued for adversely affecting stock prices with false information, etc. It would be incredibly risky behavior, not advisable in any way, so it seems like there must be a missing piece to the story.

Good watch, nonetheless. Great message.




24:30-28:15   49:30-55:50  (click "screen" and watch on youtube.)

Remember that liquor was illegal here.



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