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Broke, a 2009 documentary on life in a Canadian pawn shop and the people who use it -

or here - .

A documentary on Coca Cola in Mexico, and the trouble some have with it. It's short and interesting -


Lock Up - The Prisoners of Rikers Island, a hard look at what it was like to be in NYC's Rikers Island and court system during the early 90's -


If you like this type of true crime film, watch this one quick. It's good, but the company that made it always pulls it quick.

You can try watching the below documentary movies, out of all my favorite one is Under The Sea 3D

1. Jackass 3D
2. Free Solo
3. Under the Sea 3D
4. Plastic Planet

Never heard of the Blizzard of 1949 -


It's a crazy story.


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