Author Topic: UFC 146 - Overeem out, Mir in against Dos Santos  (Read 8190 times)

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Re: UFC 146 - Overeem out, Mir in against Dos Santos
« Reply #25 on: May 02, 2012, 03:49:44 PM »
 I think you guys are saying that Mir can win just because he is American and JDS is not.

  Face it: JDS will box Mir into a coma.

  Mir does not have the takedowns and strength to make this a ground fight, and he does not have the speed and head movement to evade JDS's strikes.

  What can he do in this fight? Out-box JDS? LOL. Use Muay Thai kicks to wear his knees out and then take him down? JDS is too fast to get caught with many of those.

  Mir's only chance is to get him down, and if 280 lbs wrestler Carwin couldn't do it, how is Mir going to do it?

  And even in the unlikely event that Mir takes him down, it is not a sure thing that he can submit JDS since he has a brown belt in BJJ.

  JDS is going to kill Mir.

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