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--- Quote from: spiderman405 on September 19, 2007, 07:25:42 PM ---
Hey i just check this email. i know its been a while. i had a major shoulder surgery. i am back in shape though and ready to build my personal training business. i will look into this direct mail thing. you know i work full time right now from 2pm-10pm for around $32,000 per year at a hospital. i am living paycheck to paycheck. $370-$3700 for postcards is alot of money to me but i will consider it when i have an extra $370 to blow.

how long have you been training people personally and how is your business now?

--- End quote ---

My two cents for what it is worth.  To get your business started you need clients.  Not necessarily paying clients though.  Get together some flyers that have a free workout coupon on them.  Take them to local businesses and introduce yourself.  Tell the gate keeper (secretary or whatever) that these are freebies for the employees, that you only have a few free slots left so time is critical.  Hit every single business in a 5-7 mile area.  I wouldn't go to many retail businesses because of the low wage rate.  I guarantee you that you will have clients in a week.  During the free session, that is your opportunity to sell your service to them.  You have to get out there and pound the pavement.  This is a very low cost way to market but I can almost guarantee you a few clients out of it.

Another way to market yourself that won't cost you anything but time is thru volunteering.  Volunteer for the special olympics.  This will get your name out into the community.  Volunteer for the local high school sports teams.  Volunteer for the local rec council.  Volunteer at camps for disabled kids.  Just volunteer.

Direct mail--I get absolutely nothing out of direct mail.  The return rate is very small and not worth the cost.

I got certified in June of this year through I.S.S.A.  I train clients in their own homes.  My clientele has mainly been from the teaching profession.  Age groups have ranged in the 45-65 age bracket.  Nice thing is I don't have a lot of overhead and with gas prices coming down it has become more profitable. 

Zach Trowbridge:

--- Quote from: Jeriko on February 11, 2008, 04:59:47 PM ---For those of you lookin to become PTs and living in San Diego; i'm looking to add 2 part-time trainers. 10-15hrs/wk Evenings/Sat morn.  $10-$12hr + bonuses

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That's a pretty tough hourly rate.  Even at a place like 24 hour you can get just under $20 an hour with no experience. 


--- Quote from: Zach Trowbridge on March 18, 2009, 01:58:33 PM ---That's a pretty tough hourly rate.  Even at a place like 24 hour you can get just under $20 an hour with no experience. 

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At 24hour fitness with no experience you make $15/hr. The highest is $23/hr, I believe, and thats for a "Master Trainer" (someone who has trained 2000+ sessions and has 3 or more certs). Plus you make $$$ for pedalling supps. I do not recommend working for them or any other major chain gym if you want to train YOUR way. You must follow strict guidelines. It is better to work at a fair volume smaller gym and seek outside clients as well. Just my $.02.

don't most of the people that use personal trainers just want to lose weight?  that's the impression i get at bally's, where the majority of people using trainers are middle aged and obese

why should they be trained like athletes if they just want to lose weight?  i laugh when i see these trainers counting pushups or have them do some kind of sqaut with the ball pressed up against the wall

none of these personal trainers do those exercises, heck most of them do bodybuilding type exercises

and doing pushups and jumping jacks is something anybody can do at home, why pay somebody to watch you do them in the gym?

these people just want to get their weight down and look somewhat decent, why not train them like a bodybuilder?  teach them how to properly lift weights because most don't have a clue and bodybuilding is a great way to take off the pounds, which is the goal of most clients wouldn't you say?



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