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Screw You Dr. Fauci Thread!

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Soul Crusher:

--- Quote from: SOMEPARTS on October 26, 2021, 11:28:18 AM ---The sickening project has been funded by the NIH since at least 2018 and has received upwards of $16 million in taxpayer funds for their Mengele-Esque research that includes:

    Locking the monkeys alone in small cages.
    Drilling holes into the monkey’s skulls.
    Implanting head restraining devices.
    Implanting electrodes into the monkey’s brains.
    Injecting toxins that destroy the monkey’s brains, causing them to lose control of their limbs, mouths, and other body parts.

--- End quote ---

Soul Crusher:

Soul Crusher:

Dos Equis:
This is an editorial, but the author does a good job of pulling facts together showing how badly Fauci and government have botched the pandemic.

How Fauci Fooled America | Opinion
ON 11/1/21

Soul Crusher:

FNG criminal!!!


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