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As some of you saw in the Gossip thread, John Riggins reportedly passed away this weekend.  Iím posting these comments here rather than in the Gossip thread because on the whole, people in this forum (especially our mods) seem to be more open minded to the truth about sex and the reality of life for our body building friends.  Also, I didnít think nude pix of Riggins would be welcome in the other thread.

JR is the latest in a long line of bodybuilders (hustling to men) to pass away.  Some of you may not know this but it has happened a lot over the last few years.  I used to be on a gay muscle board similar to getbig but it was devoted almost exclusively to 1) muscle gossip and 2) to hooking up johns and muscle escorts.  I donít remember how I found that board but I was gay, interested in body building (lifting and watching), and it seemed harmless enough in the beginning.  Over time, though the board seemed to take a turn that I found distasteful--and I said so.

Every time a BB hustler would die (2-3 per year; letís just say they were never natural deaths) a chorus would go up from the board about how sad it was, how much they ďcaredĒ for the individual, and how they wished his family well.  I pointed out more than once that their collective requiem rang hollow because the very next day they were back to renting bodybuilders by the hour and writing reviews about who was good in the sac, what they were willing to do sexually, whether they were clock watchers, etc.  If they really 'cared' about these men they would be helping them get back on their feet and out of hustling because all too often escorting was literally a dead end.

My concerns were shouted down in a volley of hate mail from the Johns.  Eventually, I left that board because 1) I had no interest in hiring escorts and 2) I was interested in actually going to the gym and working out--something most of the guys on that board had no interest in.  Why work out for muscles when you can rent them by the hour?

Iím sure even now, the guys over on that board are Ďweepingí over the passing of JR (he was a popular escort over there), but by tonight they will be booking new appointments with other muscle whores.

Ok so the point of this was....

Freak :-\

the only thing developed on this dude was his chest everything else was pretty much average by bb'ing standards and not just IFBB standards even local NPC event standards, it's just sad that a dude would take enough juice to cause kidney damage and still look like nothing special, sad.

I never saw him in competition but he appeard to have a good body back in the day.  And good eyebrows too... until he started plucking them.  >:(

the juice obviously wasn't doing anything for the dong, haha.


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