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Muscle escorting (4 schmoes)

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Obviously, people go to bodybuilders for their big muscles--not for cock size, but for a muscleman he was not thought to have an undersized dick.  I've seen a lot smaller.  :o  btw, juice does not affect dong size.  It can, however, shrink the testes.


--- Quote from: sarcasm on August 20, 2005, 06:59:25 AM ---the juice obviously wasn't doing anything for the dong, haha.

--- End quote ---

Why are you criticizing the size of another man's penis....

You're starting to worry me, holmes.   :-\

You're not one of those dudes who lurks in the shower to see guys like me wash off.......unsuspecting.. .....are you?   ::)



--- Quote from: DIVISION on August 20, 2005, 07:15:26 AM ---Why are you criticizing the size of another man's penis....

--- End quote ---

rais ipsa loquitur 

Anyway, JR/RR was bootylicious.

feelin' a little insecure Div.

Scott Klein was another muscle escort who croaked in 2002.  Unlike many of the others, he seemed to have real BB potential for a while . . . but he was rumored to have synthol in his triceps.  :-\


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