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Training at the KOLOSEUM with Milos.../A condensed How-to in post 1

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--- Quote from: Meso_z on June 23, 2011, 11:19:13 PM ---Good old 2007... :'(

Getbig was the shit back then.

Milos workouts were the new trend.. along with his intra-workout amino acid drink.  :)

--- End quote ---

Is his snake oil still available??

I feel like spending 300 Euros on a months supply of amino acids and sugar.  ;D ;D

so what happened to that dude? 10 years ago, he only made 50 posts
i wonder what he looks like now

You gave someone ideas to buy his account. There will be another gimmick in town.

I don't see how you can do giant sets in a commercial gym. How can you tie up the leg press, leg extension, leg curl,  while you're at the squat rack?  Giant sets are great for a well equipped home gym.  I have very little experience doing  giant sets. I can't imagine anyone could handle heavy weights doing them. 

I once tried to do a giant set of leg extensions, leg press, squats and leg curls. I planned to do a couple of series but after the first one I was done. I guess pacing and the correct weight used is a big consideration. I went near failure on each exercise. 

I remember around 1976 the most ripped guy in the country was Joe Means. He used giant sets but he trained in a private gym. Makes me want to consider them again.


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