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Repeating this from a past post of mine (10-17-05). I'm waiting for a delayed flight and kind of roaming the old GB post anyway. Another reason, it's pretty boring/dead on this Training Q&A site, so why not.

This exercise can be considered an ultimate compound movement. Like the clean & press, squat clean & jerk, both also great mass and power builders

 "The bent arm pullover is one of the prime mass builder for the upper body. The straight arm version works well but not to the extent that the bent arm version does because more weight and a better stretch can be achieved. Using DB's can reduce some undo stress on the wrist, elbows and shoulder girdle in most men rather than using a BB, though both styles work well.

Pullovers work the lat's, pec's & triceps very, very strongly but go easy on this exercise at first, if it's new to you. Even the abs, as a stabling group, are worked hard. Combining the bent arm pullover with the BP, as a single compound exercise (pullover & press), increases the capacity for muscle mass for the upper body. You can either do one rep of pullovers and than press the weight (either DB or BB) overhead right after, than do another pullover, press, pullover , etc.  Or do  reps of bent arm pullovers and immediately do overhead (bench press) after, with the same weight for one complete set. You can get a better stretch on the pullovers if the knee's are drawn up rather than have the legs out flat if your doing light pullovers after squats, etc. For heavier pullovers it's a pretty good idea to rap the legs around the bench or even have some one hold the legs down. You can, after a while, use large amounts of weight in this exercise. 150lb+ DB's or 250lb BB's are not out of the question. (believer the BB pullover record it's self is a bit above 400lbs)

Rib Box: If young enough, the cartilage (elastic tissue around/between the rib's/breast bone) is still in a soften state and has not harden as it does when we mature, usually around 22 -24 years of age in most people. Pullovers will allow a expanding influence on the rib box to  reach a permanent size increase in the chest measurement. A lot of younger guy's have had a 2 or 3 inch gain on the chest. Of course if you include a serious set of pullovers after breathing squats than the gain is almost assured in most people. Even in older trainee's there can be a noticeable flexible improvement not only in the rib box but also the muscle attachment/inserts around the chest area giving a fuller, higher feeling to the chest. Good Luck."

Good post.

Regarding the rep range with the Pullover& Press.

This compound movements  general rep range is usually within the 8-12 rep range. Though not  usually designed for heavier work, I  and other guy's have done 5X5's for excellent results. As a reminder, this exercise (like most exercises) is not for every might suggest caution when first including the P&P into a regular workout plan. Usually takes two or three weeks to work into a new training scheme to do it justice., and if finding it not to you liking, or comfort zone, than you may think of doing something else..

If  going into the higher rep range of 12 to 20+ your going to experience something totally different than from your usually rep range.  With improvements in muscle strength, size and endurance. Most other serious compound exercises can also get you metabolism working at a more functional level. (compound...exercises involving two or more body joints) Make no mistake, higher rep compound exercises can produce some remarkable results if approached with serious intent and the correct way.

Have gone as high as 25-30 reps in the P&P, as have others. Best pullover machine, thanks to the three phase cam gears, the original Nautilus designed by Author Jones

Good Luck. .




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