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Jeremy Corbyn

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So erm he

wrecked his marriage over islington state school (shit hole) vs grammar

loved the IRA

prob loves ISIS

loves nationalised industries and strikes

loves asteriods wiping out humanity

higher taxes/ govt spending when the govt spends 50% of gdp already

loves pigeons that shit everywhere in public

dismissed serbia's acts as not genocide in kosovo

Mr Corbyn also backed a motion welcoming England's success in the 1996 European Championships but criticised the 'jingoism and nationalism in the pages of sections of the tabloid press'.

It added it was 'reminiscent of Hitler's use of sport to enhance his evil regime in the 1930s'.

so come september you will have the eton toffs vs the delusional and deranged on the socialist benches (lab, snp). its like the clock went back 130 years

Simple Simon:
sounds like a good troll.

As long as he don't screw kids, wear women's underwear and smoke crack - then he's definitely a step in the right direction.

I'd rather Mhairi Black swap and take over.

The conservatives would be happier then anyone if this guy is elected labour leader. Pretty much guarantees them a win in the next general election

Darren Avey:
This guy is a freak and so is anyone who votes for him, Wants compassion for pedophilles. WTF??


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