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(WrestleMania) BACKLASH - Not quite so Stupendous??

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The RAW side appears to be done; Now it's Smackdown's turn....."I QUIT" women's title match.

I haven't seen one of these, since Melina and Beth Phoenix in 2008. Lots of arm drags by Rousey and chops by Flair. Now they're outside the ring. Rousey yanks the mic to ask Charlotte if she quits and she gets kicked in the mush for her efforts. Flair gets a kendo stick, swings and misses. Rousey gets the stick and Charlotte runs for her life.

She comes back with two kendo sticks, breaks Rousey's stick. But, Rousey grabs them after initially getting hit and gets medieval on Flair, who screams, "HELL, NO!!" after being asked if she quits. So, more pounding from Rousey. Flair throws a camera at Rousey, which breaks the sticks. The fight goes into the crowd, where the Queen grabs a fan's drink and throws in Rousey's eyes.

Flair contorts Rousey across the aisle railing. No submission yet. The crowd chants for tables but gets Rousey powerbombed on the barricade edge. Rousey still doesn't submit. Flair keeps slapping her; Rousey gets angry and goes for her "Piper's Pit" slam only to get her eyes raked and slammed into the post.

The queen attempt a moonsault but gets shoved off the top and hooked in the armor, while hanging off the buckle. She screams in pain but doesn't submit and both eventually collapse outside the ring.

Back inside the ring, Flair hits "Natural selection" but no submission. Flair goes for the Figure 8; the ref asked Rousey if she quits. After an expletive-laden refusal she whacks Flair with a chair. But Flair counters with a kick to the head then tells Rousey she has one last chance to quit, before wishing her a happy mothers' day.

Rousey gets riled up and wraps Flair in an arm bar around the chair. Ref asks Flair if she quits; Flair says no. Rousey asks the ref what was Flair's answer and then screams, "I was hoping you'd say that, b---h!". She cinches the hold with her feet locking Flair's arm in the chair and the Queen can take no more. She screams "I QUIT!!!" and we have a new Smackdown champion.

Potential letdown time....Corbin vs. Moss.

 Moss is quite agile, able to leap-frog Corbin repeatedly. But, now Corbin is laying on the offense. This match isn't half-bad, but after an "I QUIT" match, there just isn't enough steam.

However, this Moss can go. after hitting the ropes multiple times, he just knocked Corbin clean out of the ring. Now, he caught the Happy one after a failed cross body block and hit the fall-away slam. Now after a failed super-plex and Moss missed with the leap and Corbin hits "Deep Six". After a near fall, he crushes Moss in the corner. Then after an attempt for "End of Days", Moss hits the ropes, leaps over Corbin with a sunset flip and the 1-2-3.

Main event time.....Six man tag. Apparently, Reigns is now wearing the world title belt around his waist and letting Heyman carry the Universal championship belt, which the Tribal Chief says is his favorite.

Usos are working most of the match. This Matt Riddle kid is deceptively strong. They let him use the gut wrench to fling people around. He may look and act like an even more doped up RVD; but he can go. They keep teasing Reigns getting into the ring with McIntyre. And Reigns keeps pestering the crowd. He finally hits the ring to beat on a weakened Riddle.

But, too much jaw-jacking allowed the "Bro" to tag McIntyre and the fight is on. Reigns takes over and hits some big moves; but again, too much yapping and he gets Claymored right in the head. When Orton finally hits the ring, as the fans have been chanting for him all night, he goes nuts, hitting two of those weak powerslams and mocking the Usos.

He hits the DDT on Jey Uso and set up for the RKO. He hits Jey Uso; then out of nowhere he nails Reigns who tried to make the same; then, he gets super kicked by Jimmy Uso. Orion remains standing and dazed. Suddenly, he snaps out of it and RKOs Jimmy. He goes for the pin but Jey makes the save.

Everyone ends up knocking everyone else out of the ring. Reigns hits a Superman punch on Orton. McIntyre starts pounding on Reigns and clears the announce table power bomb the Undisputed champ. One of the Usos makes the save and gets a head-butt for his trouble. Reigns catches McIntyre with a Rock-Bottom into the table, only to have Riddle dive on him and Jimmy Uso. Jey gets into the diving fun, nails Riddle, and chucks him back into the ring.

Riddle and Jey Uso exchange knees and super kicks, until Jey gets the upper hand. Then, the Right Hand Man goes to the top, taking WAAAAAY too long. The Original Bro leaps to the top, grabs Uso's head, and delivers a STUPENDOUS flying RKO. Unbeknownst to him, as Uso was on the way down to being flattened, Cousin Head of the Table tags his leg, making him the legal man. Riddle tries to cover Uso but gets SPEARED and PINNED.

And the Bloodline gets the W.


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