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Mr. Intenseone:

RUSH: Madam Albright has weighed in, once again perfectly happy and proud to display her ignorance about all of this to the world. She was on Larry King Alive last night and King said, "Do you think this administration will sit down with Iran and Syria?"

ALBRIGHT: You have to talk to your enemies. You make peace with your enemies, not with your friends, and --

RUSH: Stop the tape! You don't make peace with your enemies, you defeat them, madam. Madam Albright's definition of peace is the thing we have now with North Korea. A whole lot of talking with North Korea, Jimmy Carter went over there. Madam Albright herself went over there, sat down with this little wacko, this little pervert and pot-bellied, dog-eating dictator and wanted peace. They're testing nukes, they're trying to. But we've got peace. Cue this up to the top, Mike, if you will. You don't have peace with your enemy. When you make peace is after you have defeated them, and at such time as you have dominion over them and you read them the riot act. You give them the rules and say, here's what it is from now on. That's how it used to work and that's what led to peace. Peace always follows victory. It doesn't come from smoking a pipe, sitting down and jawing or talking and sharing stories with perverts about their favorite cognac or any of that, it comes from defeating your enemies. All right, I'll play now the whole Madam Albright bite without interrupting it.

ALBRIGHT: You have to talk to your enemies. You make peace with your enemies, not with your friends. And there is no question that both Iran and Syria, especially Iran, has a great deal of influence in the region. So I do hope that they consider talking with Iranians and Syrians. It does not have to be in a one-on-one as has been pointed out, but I do think they need to be brought into the process.RUSH: What do you mean, one-on-one? Brought into the process? They are in the process! You know what these people are talking about -- go back to the early thing she said. You make peace with your enemies, not with your friends, and there was no question that both Iran and Syria, especially Iran, a great deal of influence in the region. What have we been doing? We've been selling out our friends. You sell out your friends; you make peace with the enemies. Thank you, Democrats and liberals, because that's your definition of peace. Make peace with the enemy, meaning appease them, sell out your friends. Hello, Israel. We'll be happy to sell you out if we can make ourselves look good in this Iraq mess, and we hope that Syria and Iran will help us to look good while we sell you out. Thank you, Madam Albright. You have crystallized for all of us exactly how liberals look at all of this. Rick Santorum gave his, I guess, farewell address on the floor of the Senate last night. We have a couple of bites. Here's the first.

SANTORUM: When we did, this year, this summer, attempt to negotiate with Iran, we told the people of Iran that we are not on their side, that we want to make deals with people who oppress them, who torture them, who enslave them, who abuse them, and who kill them. That's why we should not have entered into any negotiations in spite of the entreaties of Europe with this evil regime in Iran. We should confront them and only confront them.

RUSH: He continued with these remarks.

SANTORUM: This is the call of this generation. This is America's hour. This is the hour that we need to leadership, Churchillian leadership, who had a keen eye for the enemy and a resolve, in spite of the political climate, to confront it. I ask my colleagues to stand and make this America's finest hour.

RUSH: Fat chance.

SANTORUM: I regret that the new secretary of defense is not up to the task, in my opinion.
RUSH: Ooooh, farewell address, drops a bomb, floor of the Senate.

Hugo Chavez:
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