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Breaking News: Bush started Iraq War to "save the innocent people".


I bet none of you knew what the real motivation for getting into the Iraq War was.

It's to save the innocents, the poor and oppressed peoples of Iraq. I bet no one thought that was the actual reason.

Of course the reason we're not saving the poor innocent people of other nations around the world I don't know.

--- Quote from: Brixtonbulldog on December 12, 2006, 02:11:24 PM ---Actually it shows how easily you were disuaded from supporting your country and it's defense and standing on the side of justice and compassion for innocent people worldwide by consipiracy theories and the fact that's it's very trendy to hate bush/war/conservatives nowadays.  People like you think you make yourselves look "objective" and "nonconformers" by doing so even at the cost of actually being a part of a good thing.

--- End quote ---

ieffinhatecardio Question: Innocent people world wide? That's what you think this war is about? LOL

Brixtonbulldog Answer: Definitely, and expecially within that region.


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