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Report: Saudis may back Sunnis

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--- Quote from: Straw Man on December 13, 2006, 08:12:50 AM ---?? - what does this have to do with "these douche bag's flattening each other"

The Saudi's are taking the side of the Sunni's (ethnic minority in Iraq)  - soooo are the Saudi's now taking sides against the US?  What side are we on???  Aren't the Saudi's supposed to be our allies??

Wait - there's no civil war so there's nothing to worry about

--- End quote ---

Douche bags as in these sand black pieces of shit who kill each other and everyone else because they have differing views on who should be the heir to Mohammed. The Sunni's aren't even the main problem to the US in Iraq if you've seen lately, it's the Shiite militias running wild all over the place.  ::)

Straw Man:
yes but the point is that one of our allies is now taking a side in the conflict and that greatly complicates the situation.   


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