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Saddam and the 3rd reich on history channel at 1 am

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i wont watch it cause parallel universes is also on on the sci channel.. :-\

Eyeball Chambers:
I saw it a while back, it was pretty good.


--- Quote from: Benfun7 on January 02, 2007, 09:54:05 PM ---I saw it a while back, it was pretty good.

--- End quote --- should i watch that orrrrr the par..ah fuck i'm gonna watch the paralled uni thing..

ben watch this

liberal is gonna chime in ANY sec and tell me i'm a traitor now...  ;D

Eyeball Chambers:
OK thanks I will check it out.

You Nazi.   ;D ;D

ahh its all old news on the sci channel..i'm going 2 bed..


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