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karma which affects us all

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240 is Back:
Thanks to global warming, the oil companies are finally taking a hit.  Oil down a buck today along, 51 bucks a barrel.

While whether big production facilities are responsible for global warming - or if it is natural, as the minority of scientists contend - one trend has emerged this winter:

Even though OPEC outputs low oil levels to try to inflate the prices, thanks to global warming, it's spring in many places in the world.  And that means much less heating oil bought and consumed.  They can't sell what they have because it's not cold enough to need it.

Reap what you sow, maybe.  Global warming and oil wars are the two biggest problems in our lifetime.  Funny to see them collide.

Shut the hell up.

awesome post rob! 8)

I was waiting for a Valentino joke. Oh well.

You know, I heard this guy 240 used to be funny? What the hell happened to him? Wife and kids? The usual sad story?  :(


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