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Biden failures, corruption, destruction, and collapse Thread.

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Dos Equis:

Straw Man:

--- Quote from: Soul Crusher on January 21, 2021, 10:17:02 AM ---He's wrecking jobs from Day 1.

--- End quote ---

Let's see where we are at the end of Bidens term

Trump has THE WORST job creation record of any POTUS since Hoover

Soul Crusher:

--- Quote from: B_B_C on January 21, 2021, 11:38:02 AM ---only 150 pages and 3500 posts to surpass (OP's ) "Trump = whining" thread
should be surpassed in no time at all

--- End quote ---
:D ;D

Les Grossman:
Any time you see someone tout Barack Obama as a job creator, you know they are full of shit.

The only jobs Obama created were to turn 8 years of college graduates into Uber drivers.

President Donald Trump has been the greatest President in history for the positive effect on the economy over one term.

Dude you are approaching your Obama Day 1 2008 level of obsession....


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