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Pure Gear , Apex, Scrioxx, and King?


  Iíve seen a lot of stuff, sales from different sites for this Black Friday shit, but a lot are all UGL, Iíve pretty much run all Pharma my whole career but there are several dudes running crazy good offers; of the UGLs Iíve seen or heard of the listed are all Iíve heard of from other BBers.  I donít want an abscess now I did run a little Scrioxx back in 2010.  That said anybody with experiences with these UGLs woukd be greatly appreciated (good or bad). Thanks gents!

Sciroxx was always hit and miss years ago. Seemed pretty expensive compared to other well known labs that carried the same product.

Have not heard of the others.

Please PM me with any questions or pics that you want to be seen or have looked at.

All the best.

It's been years but Apex and PG were always good to me.


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