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local hero:

--- Quote from: BigRo on August 18, 2014, 10:24:32 AM ---no, but as per your phone agreement with McBig you were not to post here?

--- End quote ---

For some reason I thought you were in NI.... I have to admit I hate the ukfbb and the petty rules they try and impose, bunch of c,unts

Kim Jong Bob:
Good luck ro

Simple Simon:
This should be a classic thread.
We're all behind you big man.

Grape Ape:

--- Quote from: Simple Simon on August 18, 2014, 12:21:31 PM ---We're all behind you big man.

--- End quote ---


so was back for round 2 this evening, trained delts;

4 sets each side one arm cable laterals x 10 (up to 40kg)
3 sets seated rear delt laterals x 20
3 sets standing side laterals bringing down to side of leg instead of front x 10
3 sets seated arnold d,b press with no back support x 10
3 sets seated heavy dumbbell partial swings to side x 15
3 sets standing military press x 10

20 minutes walking on steep incline tredmill


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