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At the height of Slavery in USA, 1.4 percent of whites had slaves

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--- Quote from: muscleman-2013 on July 26, 2016, 03:59:47 AM ---I agree about legislation, but slavery was legal at that time all over the world...

And Europeans were the FIRST to abolish slavery.

--- End quote ---

It was, but surely you don't get legislation to allow slavery if the other 98.6 percent do not want the "option".

The Abdominal Snoman:
In the West don't slaves sit right outside Home Depot looking for work?

Slaves in the americas were allowed to get married and have children. African slaves captured by muslims were castrated and the few negro babies born were killed at birth.
That's what the religion of peace did for centuries before and after americas slave trade.

I wonder if TA's ancestors had slaves in 1700-1800's NC?

Imagine having TA's great, great, great grandpappy having a slave that's Goodrum's
great, great, ( not so) great grandpa.  :o


--- Quote from: Coffeed on July 26, 2016, 02:10:16 AM ---I speak for everyone when I say that if you did not die fighting slavery then you were complicit and, therefore, guilty as sin.

--- End quote ---
Well, that means 100% are up shit one alive today who owned slaves...or who were slaves.
But if it wasn't for the past fact of slavery, Blacks wouldn't have a good excuse for hating whites.

I personally don't ever hear Jewish people talking or marching around saying they were killed by the millions during the early 1940's and I don't hear very often American natives saying we all stole their land, but blacks complain constantly about slavery and it seems like that's always a topic of choice.
My own advice: You were never a slave. No one you know or have known was ever a slave.
The fact there were slaves is of little consequence to you, just like owning slaves has ZERO bearing on my life...stop talking about the shit that happened 200 years ago and focus on bettering yourself today.


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