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March / April 2001

As the World's Largest Fitness Educator, AFAA has certified over 150,000 fitness professionals around the world. Whether you're a fitness professional, exercise enthusiast, corporate wellness center or a fitness facility, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America has something for you. On the cover is Al Santos.

March / April 2001 - Table of Contents
Volumber 19, Number 2


  • 'Pointe' of View
    Television actor Al Santos gives his perspective on staying in shape for his sexy role on the WB's Gross Pointe.

  • Turbulent Transition
    How exercise can relieve many of the symptoms associated with menopause.

  • Speed Demons
    While increasing the tempo in your step class may augment intensity, it can also increase the risk of injury.

  • Proactive Prevention
    How to safeguard your baby boomer clients against sports injury.

  • Sliding Back
    Misguided inplementation and lack of versatility killed The Slide, but it may be headed for a resurgence in clubs.

  • CEU Corner
    How to develop a Wellness Program.


  • Research
    Strength in numbers. According to findings published by ACM, Ball State University study shows supervised strength training yields maximum results.

  • Cut 'n' Post
    Carpal Tunnel Combat. Ten tips to prevent the onset of carpel tunnel syndrome.

  • Nutrition
    Starve Wars. Athletes need to be aware of the dark side of disordered eating.

  • Club Scene
    Desert Getaway. The Palms at Palm Springs presents a stress free atmosphere for relaxation, fitness and fun in the sun.

  • Special Report
    Against All Odds. An account on Lance Armstrong's perseverance in the face of testicular cancer.


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