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September/October 2001

As the World's Largest Fitness Educator, AFAA has certified over 150,000 fitness professionals around the world. Whether you're a fitness professional, exercise enthusiast, corporate wellness center or a fitness facility, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America has something for you. On the cover is Marilu Henner.

September/October 2001 - Table of Contents
Volumber 19, Number 5


  • Staying in the Game
    Actress and best selling author, Marilu Henner, continues her crusade for optimum health in her new book.

  • What I Tell Clients Who Want To Slim Down
    AFAA Trainer and author of best selling Sculpting Her Body Perfect and Look Great Naked offers his goal achievement tips to American Fitness.

  • Resistance is Not Futile
    Strength training can prevent or aid several age related illnesses among senior.

  • Old Habit Die Hard
    An introduction to the basics of the Alexander.

  • CEU Corner: Lead and Inspire Your Fitness Staff


  • Nutrition
    Update from the Front Line. News from the American Dietetic Association regarding the latest weight management.

  • Clip 'N' Post
    Prenatal Training. Exercise tips for each trimester of pregnancy.

  • Research
    Walking for Survival. New study shows the benefits of leisure physical activity to cardiac health.

  • Club scene
    Body / Mind Radiance. The Claremont Resort and Spa offers a holistic approach to physical and emotional well being.

  • Trends
    Boomers regain top spot.

  • Special Report
    Caution! Read the Label!

  • Editorial
  • Step Up
  • Update
  • Professional Edge
  • Ask AFAA
  • Classifieds
  • Inside Story