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Feb / March 2001

The official premier issue, actually the second issue. American Health & Fitness consists of articles, pictures and information for the man who is into fitness; for today's active man.

Feb / March 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #1


  • To Be Perfectly Frank
    In dept with world renowned fitness and fashion model, romance novel icon and all round nice guy, Frank Sepe.

  • New Year, New You!
    A three step approach to tackling your resolutions.

  • Coming of Age
    How to stay fit after 40 and live to a golden age. Outsmart your genes!

  • Looking Good
    What women really like about a man's body.

  • Born to Run
    AHF talks to NFL superstar Marcus Allen.

  • Step Up To The Plate
    Your 10 commandments of approval visualization.

  • Personal Training for Fun & Profit
    How to get your zest for health to fatten your wallet.


  • Full Body Bliss
    Isn't it time you have something back to your body?

  • How About Some Oral?
    How dental hygiene can affect your overall health?


  • 5 Top Fat Fighting Tips
    How to beat the bulge for a new you?

Active Lifestyle

  • Cycling for Fitness
    Your best shape ever is as easy as… well, riding a bike!

  • Interval Training
    The secret to maximum fitness results.

  • Stretch Your Body
    Your surefire way to a better body.

  • Super Bowl Training
    We show you how the Tennessee Titans prepare for NFL dominance.

  • Zero Gravity
    Try kitesurfing on for size.

  • Resist the Urge Overkill
    Help for you to overcome overtraining.

  • Danger - Advanced Abs
    5 weeks to amazing abs.

  • It's In The Bag
    Try sandbagging for a full body workout.


  • Bodies in Motion
    Your story

  • Bone Zone
    Chiro-practical advice.

  • Breaking the Ice
    Your editorial manager sums it up

  • CyberLinks
    Online health and fitness sites

  • Food Buff
    Quality healthful recipes.

  • Global Health Watch
    Tidbits from around the world.

  • Guystuff
    What's new on the market?

  • Hot Shots
    Real guys on the move.

  • Image Maker
    Learn the secrets to success.

  • Natural Selection
    Alternative healing methods.

  • Non-Apparatus
    Easy exercises to do at home.

  • On the Wild Side
    Naked truths revealed

  • Orally Speaking
    A dental perspective

  • Prime Time
    Advice for the mature man

  • Remedy Realm
    Ask the Experts

  • Sets with Sepe
    Build your body to perfection.

  • Sex Appeal
    Sex and relationships

  • Sound and the Fury
    Publisher's notes

  • Skills 'n' Drills
    Perfect your athleticism.

  • Sports Brief
    Sports commentary central.

  • Supplemental Brief
    Better living through science.

  • Star Power
    Hollywood training tag team.

  • Starting Point
    Fitness basics for beginners.

  • The Coach
    Strength and conditioning

  • The Spoken Word
    Quote of the month

  • Vital Signs
    Breakthroughs and news

  • Who is Where?
    Our specialized directory

  • You Tell Us
    Our Readers Forum.

Also Inside

  • Fast Forward
    What's coming up for you next month

  • Fit To Print
    Honest reviews of today's fitness publication.

  • Lights, Cameras, Action
    Focus on fitness

  • Total Package
    A pleasant distraction of the feminine variety.

  • Whaddaya Think?
    Have your opinions on the magazine heard.

  • Wrap Your Brain Around This
    Test your knowledge, smart guy.