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December 2003 / January 2003

American Health & Fitness consists of articles, pictures and information for the man who is into fitness; for today's active man. On the cover is Casper Van Dien.

December 2003 / January 2003 - Table of Contents
Issue #12


  • Shape Her Up
    Don't ship her out. Turn that couch potato into a hot potato.

  • The Jungle Queen
    Check out the bodacious Gena Lee Nolin.

  • The Man Quiz
    Are you a man or a mouse?

  • Get in the Hole
    Ty 'Ropeman' Felder, personal trainer to NFL superstars reveals all!

  • Soul Man
    Actor Casper Van Dien prides himself on physical and spiritual strength.

  • Amazing Racers
    Real fitness pays off on TV's global sprint.

  • What Fit Chicks Want Part 2
    In this second installment, we grill the gorgeous Rachel Moore.

  • When Push Comes To Shove
    The lighter side of Sumo wrestling.

  • From Studhood to Fatherhood
    A survival guide to keeping your cool.


  • The Skinny on Fat
    The difference between good fat and bad.

  • Shoulder Stay or Shoulder Go
    Taming the most unstable joint in your body.


  • Holiday Eating Tips
    Keep your waistline trim over the holidays.

  • Man Food
    Fast, easy meals for men on the go.

  • The Beer Facts
    Think you know your poison?

Active Lifestyle

  • 7 Midsection Myths
    Are you falling for fables about your midsection?

  • What's your name Fatbody?
    Meet the granddaddy of all boot camp workouts - the Marines.

  • The Lowdown on Gearing Up
    Wanna know the secrets to becoming a better athlete?

  • Leg Intensity
    Is your leg development lagging behind? AHF has the solution!

  • Total Body Workout
    We bring you the ultimate 20 minute full body workout.

  • Men Of Steel
    Get the winning edge on the field with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Remembering the Girls of Summer
    Diane Sorrentino: A woman who is guaranteed to get your mercury rising.


  • Before & After: Our reader's success stories
  • Bodies in Motion: Your Story
  • Bone Zone: Chiro practical advice
  • Breaking the Ice: Your editor sums it up
  • Cyberlinks: Online health, fitness and guy sites
  • Fast Forward: What's coming up next issue
  • Fit Focus: Real guys on the move
  • Fitness Directory: Our specialized directory
  • Fit To Print: Reviews of today's fitness books
  • Food Buff: Quality healthful recipes
  • Global Health Watch: Tidbits from around the world
  • Guystuff: What's new on the market?
  • Image Maker: Learn the secrets to success
  • Lights, Camera: Taking sports to a new level
  • On the Wild Side: Naked truths revealed
  • One on One: You decide the winner
  • Orally Speaking: A dental perspective
  • Prime Time: Advice for the mature ma
  • Quiz: Wrap your brain around this
  • Remedy Realm: Ask the Experts
  • Sets with Sepe: Build your body to perfection
  • She Bites: Ask her Anything
  • Skills 'n' Drills: Perfect your athleticism
  • Sound and the Fury: Publisher's note
  • Sports Brief: Sports commentary central
  • Starting Point: Fitness basics for beginners
  • The Coach: Strength and conditioning
  • The Sex Files: Sex advice ala carte
  • The Scoop: Insider gossip
  • The Spoken Word: Quote of the Month
  • Top Ten List: We rate them all
  • Total Package: Can you say 'eye candy'
  • Vital Signs: Breakthroughs and news
  • You Tell Us: Our reader's forum

Also Inside

  • Watch Gear
  • Tech Toys
  • Sexy Trading Cards
  • Holiday Gift Giving
  • Heart Monitors
  • Body Fuel
  • Body Works
  • Fit For Viewing
  • Fit Frenzy
  • Food View
  • Muscle Mirth