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February 2000

Anabolic Scientific Muscle Journal is published by VPX Sports Nutrition, a supplement company. Still, they have made a serious attempt to provide answers to questions, and give out other information.

Around February 2000 - Table of Contents
Number 1

    Features in this premiere issue includes:

    • Dan Duchaine Remebered
    • Plasma Expanders
    • Site Specific Injections
    • Unparalleled Drug Delivery Rocks Supplement World
    • Matt Duvall... To Dominate in 2000
    • Protein Permutations
    • Prohormones and Gyno
    • Interview with Jenni Raines
    • Narcain: Revitalize Brain and CNS with Phytodrugs!
    • Schwartzer at Large!
    • Paradeca / Decavar Testimonials

    Departments in this premier issue includs:

    • Editorial
    • Mapes (Muscle, Apperance, Performance Enhacing Substances)
    • Supplement Guru Responds by Jack Owoc
    • Questions and Answers
    • For Women Only! Scientific Approach to Physique Improvement