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August 2000

Anabolic Scientific Muscle Journal is published by VPX Sports Nutrition, a supplement company. Still, they have made a serious attempt to provide answers to questions, and give out other information.

Around August 2000 - Table of Contents
Number 2


  • Supplement Guru Q&A
    Jack Owoc answers your questions, including: Differences between Paradeca and Decavar; Can you inject Paradeca; Steroids Meet Their Match; and more.

  • Dying to get Ripped
    Oxidative Uncouplers. A deadly approach to fat loss.

  • Cycling Paradeca
    Natural Growth Hormone Facts; Human Growth Hormone Facts

  • Pictures
    Pictures from the Arnold Classic 2000. Pictures also from the FIBO 2000 in Germany

  • Pro-File
    Kevin Levrone: Left for Dead. Kevin talks about his new tour bus for his band 'Fulblown' and other notes.

  • Steroids / Paradeca / Growth (GH)
    It's all good, but only Paradeca is legal.

  • Liposomes 101
    Biochemistry Anabolic University.

  • Reversing the Aging Process
    Growth Hormone and IGF-1: Anabolic Anti-Aging Hormones

  • Post Steroids Drug Use
    Repairing, Restoring and Retaining.

  • Ms. Fitness Competition
    Do you have what it takes? Jenni Raines says it takes a right attitude, a large amount of discipline and the adequate preperation.

  • The Mark of the Beat
    If religious issues upset you, or you have a weak stomach, do not read this article. It seems that everyone is aware that the number 666 is evil.

  • New Product Profiles
    Latest products…

  • Attention Women!
    Get back to basic training. A symmetrical toned body exudes total confidence.

  • Star Supplement Spotlight

  • Androtiol
    Cutting Edge Science

  • Protein Permutations
    New insights into our insatiable appetite for protein.

  • Narcain
    Revitalize the brain and CNS with Phytodrugs.

  • Facial Stretching and Planning
    The Anabolic Exercises.