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February 2001

Anabolic Scientific Muscle Journal is published by VPX Sports Nutrition, a supplement company. Still, they have made a serious attempt to provide answers to questions, and give out other information. On the cover is Amanda Blank.

Around February 2001 - Table of Contents
Number 3


  • Supplement Guru Responds
    Questions includes 'Will I break out if I take Paradeca and Decavar?' ; 'Will I grow or not on this stuff' ' ; 'How long should I wait after Deca Durabolin to start' and more.

  • Testovar Fails
    Dispersion of Testovar in water and comparison to the patent pending liposomal matrix. The oil content is too high is Testovar to form a lipid bi-layer.

  • The Growth Files
    Explore a safer more effective way to take advantage of your body's most powerful fat incinerating and anti-aging hormone, without painful injections!

  • GH = Giant Hype?
    A critical review of growth hormone for physique enhancement.

  • Protein Permutations
    insights into our insatiable appetite for protein: The Final installment.

  • Mr. Olympia 2000
    Pictures from the big show!

  • Spirituality
    Is there life after death? God vs. Science, immortality and eternity.

  • Cycle Construction
    A sane approach! If your liver does not quiver and your bladder does not splatter, kick up the dosage because it really does not matter!

  • Plasma Expanders
    Interesting that bodybuilders who weight roughly the same as they did the previous year, all appeared roughly 20lbs larger in their newly expanded hyper saturated musculature.

  • Want to be a Strongwoman?
    Then train like a strongman!

  • Nutritional Supplement and Joint Pain
    This article will examine the most popular supplements that are currently in vogue as therapeutic aids for people afflicted with joint pain.

  • Narcain
    Revitalize the brain and CNS with Phytodrugs!

  • Finasteride, Hair Loss
    and the Steroid User!