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January 2002

Anabolic Scientific Muscle Journal is published by VPX Sports Nutrition, a supplement company. Still, they have made a serious attempt to provide answers to questions, and give out other information. On the cover is Amanda Blank.

Around January 2002 - Table of Contents
Number 4


  • The Supplement Guru
    Get the facts right from the source.

  • Your MRP May Be Killing You
    Stop paying to poison your brain, and ruin your digestive system. Get the 'Better Than Whole Food Breakthrough"

  • Plasma Expandor
    Here's How Plasma X kicks major gluteus.

  • Radical Spiritual Transformation
    The missing piece.

  • 1-Test
    New! Prosteriod - not prohormone

  • Lemus Interview
    Radical physique transformation

  • A Complex Web Of Hormones
    What women should know about their hormones.

  • Clomidex
    Non steroidal compound - 2000% more concentrated protodioscin than Tribistan.

  • Olympia Pics
    The stage heats up

  • VAC Vitex Agnus Castus
    Potent testosterone increasing and anti-estrogenic breakthrough.

  • In Their Own Words - Testimonials
    Jim Henry tells us why he is a huge fan and a first place strongman.

  • Get In The Game
    Mike tells us what motivates him

  • Pro-Anabolism
    Strategy for growth

  • Deadline Diet
    The competitive edge

  • EQ
    Another phenomenally potent prosteroid.

  • Muscleology
    Maximum triceps

  • Glutamine
    Innovative delivery for a multifunctional marvel