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July/August 2001

The underground source for the ultra hard-core bodybuilder who wants to put on as much muscle as possible.

July/August 2001 - Table of Contents
Issue #3


  • Anabolic Insider: Underground Steroid Video Documentary; New Hormone causing Urinary Discomfort, Ouch!; Quality, not Quantity; What were you thinking?' Surfing the New;

  • Fresh Gear: Urinalysis Testing for Anabolic Steroids; Genoxal; Harcourt & Johnstom Pharmaceauticals;

  • Basics Are Best! Including Choose Compound Vs. Isolation Movements; The Best Mass Building Exercises; If You Don't Squat; You Ain't Squat!; Rest and Recuperation'; Progressive Resistance - Key to Gaining Mass; Avoid Excessive Cardio Work.

  • Jeff Summers: New Summer Stack, a super shredding stack that guarantees you will be 6% body fat in just 30 days.

  • Fakes & Scams: GHB - Not; Steroid Dealer Scam involving Mr. Joe Constanza.

  • Hard-Core Insider Q&A: Including Sustanon 250 info; Clomid and other brands like Omifin and Dufine; and more

  • French Veterinary Drug. Information about one called Kynoselen that is generating a lot of interest these days.

  • Anabolic Edge 2001: The book that ties together the entire neauti-ceutical package for getting huge! According to Professor Borresen.

  • Steroid Discussion Board... Discover What True, Hard-Core Bodybuilders Really Talk About, As Long As They Remain Anonymous!